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  • How To Build A Community Of Loyal Customers Around Your Expert Business

    This FREE Training Reveals 4 Secrets To Create A Thriving And Engaged Community around your business, without using manipulative strategies or spending all your day on social media. 

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    Simone Vincenzi

    Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who has helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30. He writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and regularly features on tv and radio. His mission is to help talented change-makers and experts to be seen, heard and build a profitable business that makes a positive impact in society.

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    What Will You Learn In This Free Training

    The 4 Secrets To Create Real Connection With Your Audience

    What To Do To Create An Engaged And Thriving Community

    How To Monetise Your Community Without Being Annoying Or Manipulative

    Let's see what our members are saying...

    Helen Snape Simone Vincenzi Gtex

    "Very easy to implement"

    "I launched my first group program using the Quickl Launch Formula and it worked like magic. Connecting and onboarding new potential clients has never been so easy and effective" 

    Helen Snape - Coach

    Jonny Cooper Simone Vincenzi GTeX

    "I Sold Out My Program In 14 Days"

    "When I joined Explode Your Expert Biz I was sceptical. After using the Quick Launch Formula I was able to sell out my group program generating more than £12,500 in 14 days. Over the years I sold more than £250k from that program."

    Jonny Cooper - Founder, Jonny Hates Marketing

    Suze MacLaine Pont Simone Vincenzi GTeX

    "I Had My Profitable Launch"

    "I launched programs before, but working with GTeX I had my most profitable launch. I made €50k from one single event."

    Suze Maclaine Pont - Money Mindset Coach.

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