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Create Webinars That Convert In 24hrs Or Less Without Wasting Months Stressing Out, Worrying or Overthinking The End-to-End Process


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Are you ready to attract high-paying clients with ease?

If you are a coach, speaker, consultant, author looking for new clients and sell High-Ticket offers, you need to understand something first.

Before people spend money with you they will spend another currency.


Time is the most valuable currency we have and it's the currency we all spend before we decide to invest our cash.

If you want to sell High-Ticket offers, stop asking yourself:

How can I sell more offers?

Ask yourself instead:

How can I get my IDEAL clients spend more TIME with me?

And if you want this to happen, there is one strategy that has been proven over and over again to work better than others.

Running Webinars and Masterclasses will allow you to build a strong relationship with your ideal clients and convert them into paying customers.

However, if you have not done a webinar or a masterclass before, it's easy to get:

CONFUSED - Because you don't know where to start.

OVERWHELMED - Because there is too much to do and don't have the time or capacity to figure everything out on your own.

DISCOURAGED - Because you are not techy and don't want to spend hours looking at complex online systems.

And if you have been running online presentations before, you might feel:

ANNOYED - Because you see others making money but yours don't seem to convert.

FRUSTRATED - Because you know you have a great offer but people leave the webinar complimenting you on the AMAZING training but without buying.

NOT BOTHERED - Because you have a lot on your plate and not enough time to optimise your webinar, offer, sequences etc...

And because of this you are now missing on an opportunity that could bring you regular clients and allow you to scale faster then ever.

If you are tired to leave money on the table and want to create online training and experiences that:

Will leave your attendees glued to the screen and wanting more.

Will turn your ideal clients into raving fans and paying customers.

Will create raving reviews for you and your business.

I have what you have been looking for.


The GTeX High-Converting Webinar Templates

Over the past 5 years I have run more than 500 live webinars that helped us making more than 7 figures in sales while creating great relationships with our audiences.

Our templates and sequences allowed us to:

Attract thousands of registrations.

Have an average of 40/50% attendance rate CONSISTENTLY.

Get 80/90% regular retentions on our webinars and masterclasses.

Have 20% regular conversions on our High-Ticket Offers.

And after helping hundreds of coaches, speakers and consultants create high-converting webinars through our live courses and training, I am putting together all our best resources so you can plug-n-play our system and create High-Converting Webinars in only a few hours.

Why Only £29.99?

Long Story Short...

It's the first time we collect ALL our TOP resources in one single place.

At the moment we are looking for feedback and testimonials as it is a new product and we will add resources and material consistently.

We will sell it soon for £300.

If you want the templates and be part of the development of this incredible product, you can get it for only £29.99 but I need a testimonial in exchange that we can use in the marketing material.


By joining before the 2nd of May 2021, to thank you for your support, I will also run a private live High-Converting Webinar Implementation Masterclass where I will help you create your High-Converting Webinar and answer all your questions.

Are you in?

What is Included?

  • High-Converting Slide Templates with training on how to use it.

  • Promotional templates to fill up your webinar

  • Engagement templates to get people to show up once they are registered

  • Conversion templates to get people to buy your offers or book your call during and after the webinar

  • Tech to use and set up so you don’t stress implementing the process

  • EXTRA BONUS: Live Mastrclass + Q&A on building High-Converting Webinars 

  • Let's see what our members are saying...

    Helen Snape Simone Vincenzi Gtex

    "Very easy to implement"

    "I launched my first group program using the Quickl Launch Formula and it worked like magic. Connecting and onboarding new potential clients has never been so easy and effective" 

    Helen Snape - Coach

    Jonny Cooper Simone Vincenzi GTeX

    "I Sold Out My Program In 14 Days"

    "When I joined Explode Your Expert Biz I was sceptical. After using the Quick Launch Formula I was able to sell out my group program generating more than £12,500 in 14 days. Over the years I sold more than £250k from that program."

    Jonny Cooper - Founder, Jonny Hates Marketing

    Suze MacLaine Pont Simone Vincenzi GTeX

    "I Had My Profitable Launch"

    "I launched programs before, but working with GTeX I had my most profitable launch. I made €50k from one single event."

    Suze Maclaine Pont - Money Mindset Coach.

    About Simone

    Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who has helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30 with his company GTeX. 

    Simone is passionate about building thriving community-led businesses where the members are the core and essence of the decisions and development of ideas.

    Nominated as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the House of Parliament, he writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and regularly features on tv and radio talking about how experts can become authorities in their field.

    He works with startup entrepreneurs and experts who want to grow their existing business as well as multi-millionaires who want to launch new ventures, bringing ideas to fruition at lightning speed. 

    He speaks at more than 200 events every year, impacting thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as large corporations.

    He spoke at conferences featuring Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Simone Sinek, John. C. Maxwell, Dr John Demartini and many more brilliant minds in the entrepreneurial field.